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Today, UPRTEK designs, develops, manufactures and supports a broad range of light and display measurement instruments and turn-key systems for a wide range of applications and industries. Our team includes passionate and highly experienced software developers, optical engineers, electronic and mechanical engineers, production technicians and sales & support engineers, all focused on delivering high performance, and cost-effective solutions. Our customers include leading multi-national lighting, display and mobiel phone manufacturers, universities, test laboratories, and integrators, as well as start-ups and consultants worldwide in every industry concerned with light quality measurement and analysis.

Since the company was founded in 2010 it has been UPRTEK's mission to develop, reliable and accurate spectrometers. Within a few years, UPRTEK ® successfully developed this mission statement and became a well-known brand for a wide range of user-friendly, portable and industrial spectrometers to analyse light and color quality. The current product portfolio includes light meters, luminance meters, spectrometers, spectro-radiometers and flicker meters. In just over a decade, UPRTEK ® has grown with over 350 employees with offices in Europe and Taiwan and a strong global network of distributors. UPRTEK’s European head office in Aachen Germany is responsible for global business development and plays a key role for world wide and strategic OEM and ODM business alliances. UPRTEK’s HQ, R&D and production facilities are located in Hsinchu Taiwan. Meanwhile three service and support facillites were set up in Europe , the United States and Asia to provide local support to UPRTEK’s partners and customers. With a background in chip manufacturing, it is no surprise that two of UPRTEK’s leading application areas are lighting and display measurements. The product range for both large and mobile display measurements now covers all essential needs to measure parameters like luminance, color, flicker,

response time and display uniformity. All at high speed and with high accuracy and repeatability. Highly accurate measurement demands play an important role in the booming world of LED and solid state lighting. Handling optical characteristics such as differences in brightness, color and flicker are not only considered an aesthetically aspect of good lighting products, but are also directly related to human well-being and health. In addition to standard illuminance, spectral power distribution and flicker measurements, UPRTEK ® continuously follows the latest standards and recommendations to allow the industry being able to respond immediately. UPRTEK ® also plays an important role in supporting highly specific applications like OEM - ODM spectrometry measurements and analysis based on color and light measurement where repeatability, stability and accuracy are key. UPRTEK ® has proven its strength and ability to serve any customer offering configurational flexibility tailored to their specific measurement needs in the lighting industries, display industries, production lines, R&D labs and universities. At UPRTEK ® we continue to innovate, finding new, faster and even more accurate measurement solutions. This all, to pursue our mission to be and to remain the global pioneer in the innovative world of spectrometry.